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off_recipe's Journal

The Gustatory Hummer
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This community is for off-recipe cooking.

We're looking for things you tried cooking that weren't exactly as written in a cookbook. This includes minor changes to existing recipes, combinations of several recipes, outright cooking weirdness (whether it worked or not), meals where you had to look up your ingredients on Google, attempts to recreate something you had in a restaurant, etc.

The heart of a good off_recipe post should be the as-built. Write down the recipe exactly as you made it, warts and all. Then discuss it - how it tasted, where you got the idea, what you'd do differently, or, for that matter, why Petronius Arbiter would have loved it.

Think of this community as a set of scientific notebooks on cookery experiments. Write down your data precisely, then hypothesize wildly. The disproof is in the pudding.

If you're modifying recipes, cooking from Google, or just playing with your food, this is the place.

Currently I am not moderating this community in any way. If things get out of hand I may change that. - cattitude